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    help me off methadone



    thanks for reply

    Post  gordon on Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:58 am

    i am currently on a scipt at the moment..35ml,dropping 5ml each month until january as i am on the waiting list to enter l.e.a.p,the thing is that i dont seem to be coping as best as i think i am..when i say i dont get out am not joking..i will set out with all the best intentions but hurry home within minutes,theres no fear with wanting to go its that i just dont seem physically wanting to do so..this is where i need that wee bit help..thanks for replying to me...G.Wilson...01506650730/07858971487 confused confused confused No

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    Re. Help off Methadone

    Post  Admin on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:06 am

    Hi Gordon, first I would like to appologise for taking so long to respond, but I was on holiday and there was a problem with our watch topic notification.

    It sounds to me like there are a few issues going on with you, and certainly one of the aspects with methadone, or in fact any addiction is the lack of motivation to do anything. This certainly is one of the more common problems with the people we see here, so you are not alone in this issue. Obviously we only have limited information regarding yourself to make more of an educated diagnosis of your particular problem and issues and would really need to get more information from you. If you could contact us here at the office by phone or if you want use the contact us page and that will send a private message direct to us with as much information as you can give us. Alternatively if you feel you can get out of the house you can access our duty service all day mon, wed, thurs, fri and Tues PM and you can speak to a worker directly.

    With many of the people we see, coming off Methadone seems to be a hard slog, and most will say that the psychological aspect of physically reducing by a certain amount each week or month is really difficult. But the first advice I would have to offer is that you have to prepare yourself for this, and gather as much information about what you are going to go through, and more importantly what you will do when you come out of the other end, you then need to stabilise on what you are on, if you have done this and are not topping up, then try to pick a timescale which you want to achieve your goal, and to make this realistic.

    It would be interesting to know what advice you have been given in the past also.

    Hope this helps



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    help me off methadone

    Post  gordonw on Mon Oct 18, 2010 6:00 am

    iv been on a meth course now for nearly two years i am now in a worse place than i was before taking it,i seen it as a way of drugs and a chance to sort my life i cant get out the house,am more dependant on it than any other drug in my life,i need help to sort this out and every way i turn i cant seem to find the correct advice..please help affraid affraid

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    Re: help me off methadone

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